About Us

  • Lucette is a small, sustainable clothing brand. Our clothing is designed, cut, and sewn in-house in our Salt Lake City studio. 

    At our core, we just want to make your favorite clothing. We want to make the pieces in your closet you reach for every day - the ones that make you feel most like yourself. We also believe in doing this as responsibly and ethically as possible. 

    We believe our clothing should last. Our pieces are designed with purpose and beauty and are constructed with integrity to make sure they wear well and stand the test of time.

    We use only natural fibers as they feel better against our skin, but more importantly are better for our planet. We want to leave as little impact on the earth as we can, and that means eliminating synthetic materials that can take decades to decompose. 

    Although we launched with seasonal collections, we are moving toward season-less releases as it reflects our philosophy of well designed, long-lasting, and versatile clothing. To reduce waste and make sure our materials are used thoughtfully, our pieces are not made until they are ordered. 

    We will always strive to do better by our customers, our community, and our earth.