• We love beautiful clothes. We also love the planet.

    Lucette makes clothes that last. Each of our pieces are thoughtfully designed, sustainably made, and given the chance at a second life.

  • Fewer, Better, Worn Forever

    Lucette pieces are designed to be reached for over and over, worn every day, for any and all occasions.

    High Quality: Our clothes are handmade, and made to last, using durable materials and reinforcing seams.

    Durable:  Linen is a strong, long-lasting material that has been used to make clothes for thousands of years.

  • Designing Out Waste

    Each piece is made-to-order, eliminating wasteful overproduction and dead inventory. 

    Reducing Fabric Waste: We use thoughtful layout methods when cutting our fabric, leaving barely a handful of scraps behind.

    Deadstock: We use carefully sourced deadstock fabric when possible.

  • Climate Conscious

    Local manufacturing:
    Our clothes are handmade locally in our Salt Lake City studio, cutting emissions from overseas production and shipping.

    Renewable energy: Our studio is powered by a 50/50 mix of wind and solar.

    Smart shipping: Your order will arrive in a compostable mailer, using the smallest envelope possible, with no additional wasteful packaging.  

  • While we design our clothes to be worn over and over, we also realize that someday you may be ready to give a Lucette piece a second life.

    Our first suggestion? Pass it on to your friend, child, parent, neighbor...anyone you love who loves beautiful clothes. 

  • Or, let us help you! Send us your piece and we will do the following:

    1) Donate it if it’s still in good shape

    2) Upcycle the material to make something new

    3) Recycle the piece if we can’t do #1 or #2

    4) Give you a $25 credit towards your next Lucette item!